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1-year membership
24/7 online access to pronunciation rules, instructions, supplements, worksheets, and thousands of business appropriate audios that lead you through the progression to improve your English communication
Record your own speech and compare with the instructor’s
Language specific lessons saving you time by streamlining your practice and learning - -
Average number of accessible lessons in selected study plan 175 lessons! 175 lessons! 330 lessons! 330 lessons!
Personalized speech analysis completed by a speech professional to customize your lessons to your unique needs - -
Individualized plan to help you focus only upon your personal areas of need - -
Instructor feedback on your voice recordings - 100 lesson submissions! 175 lesson submissions! Unlimited!
Hours of highly interactive individualized training with one of our qualified trainers either in person or over video chat - - 9 hours! 18 hours!
Audio recordings of difficult personal vocabulary that is important to your professional growth - -
Post-training speech evaluation to document progress - - -
Final report containing recommendations for continuation of independent practice - - -
Live follow-up phone calls with your trainer - - - 6 live phone calls!